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APRILE 2023 PAG. 15 - Campania’s competitive ports for multipurpose vocation


The Campania port system is getting ready to play a leading role in the new Mediterranean. First step is updating infrastructure. The planning document aims to start up the most important works in the medium/long term to respond to the needs of a modern port system and make the best use of the resources available from the PNRR.

President Andrea Annunziata is not frightened to speak of revolution.

“We are talking of a substantial expansion of infrastructure which will enable the ports in the Naples and Salerno system to be competitive in the radically changing global economy. Remember also Castellammare di Stabia for which important discussions are taking place to redefine its specialised role.”

The Central Tyrrhenian Sea situated in the centre of the European Corridor Helsinki/Malta in view of expected changes will confirm its multipurpose vocation. Also Motorways of the Sea which came into being in Salerno plus general freight and cruise blessed by the fortune of having an incredible historic cultural plus beauty spots and places. 

Finalisation of the planned works start with 6 tenders for planning the works including the PNRR for the Levant dock in Naples, and the lengthening of the Manfredi wharf in Salerno as well as cold ironing solutions in both ports. Improved sea access will be made for the docks in both ports in addition to road access. These will improve the arrival of freight. 

President Annunziata continued: “A strong undertaking to increase traffic requires two elements, the quality of work and the urban set up both particularly complex taking into account the history of Italian ports. Safety and environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with economic development which is an essential requisite. The Port Body undertakes to work without stop in addition to easing connections with the international markets covered by our Body to make it a launch trampoline for the ZES which as an instrument will revalue our territory and could represent a point of change for the whole of Southern Italy”

The plan also looks at the question of energy aimed at the use of new fuels and for managing the ecological changeover. The GNC storage Adsp has been already decided. We will not give up on one of the most promising sources for the future of shipping “ we will work to set up bunkering using barges taking into account the proposed technology under experiment”. The future of Castellammare di Stabia, the smallest port in the system but no less important is the access point to the Sorrento Peninsula and a possible point of reference for the development of new activities. “We are already in discussion for an industrial future on the site. The idea is to propose initiative based on innovation with Fincantieri.

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