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APRILE 2023 PAG. 65 - Salerno Demonstrates its Enormous Cruise Potential


The MSC Crociere three trail call expects growing interest in Salerno port for the 2023 season. The Campania port aspires to having its own role in the Mediterranean tourist circuit. After infrastructural updating offering the possibility of berthing larger vessels Salerno is working on an integrated territory product. Giuseppe Amoruso President of Salerno Cruises announced “the big innovation for this year will be a change of target for the types of vessel visiting us. A detailed analysis has shown that we are no longer an extra luxury location. Analysis of the 70 calls expected in 2023 demonstrate that our ships are superior class modern. Not just MSC which will call with three different types of vessel but also the return of Costa Crociere and the new proposals of Norwegian cruises and Princess show that not just the port but also the city is a player”.

Success of the business alone is not enough without infrastructure, widening the entrance, deepening the port and lengthening wharfs will be rewarded by this year’s increase in numbers. The cruise business is demanding. It expects the availability of extra land based services such as shops open, new itineraries and hospitality capacity. In other words the cruise companies size up the situation for the next year. 

Salerno Cruises is working at 360°, not only participation at Seatrade in Miami and at all the other international cruise appointments where the Company’s management has the opportunity to meet the cruise companies face to face. It is also painstakingly carrying out detailed analyses in the territory.

“We organised a familiarisation trip last October with ship owners and we intend to do it again”. Anna Rita Secchi PR and Markerting Manager of Salerno Cruises said. “The effort made by AdSP has definitely taken the port out of itself and now the city is called to meet the challenge. Salerno as a leader in cruise creats huge opportunity for the area and businesses have the opportunity to open their doors to new markets”. Looking to the future with an eye on sustainability and a further revaluation of the resources of the countryside’s culture and environment in the Cilento an area not yet used by cruise”.

An additional part of the change will be the electrification of the wharfs. “In the next few years as a result of the legislation on environment regarding miles navigated and time spent in port, shore power availability will be attractive when choosing a port”.

It will also be important to work on the offer available. Francesca Amoruso Marketing and Finance Manager of Salerno Cruises said “Rediscovery of the Cilento coast using a boat line such as on the Amalfi coast would be perfect for the extra luxury cruise market. This will require working hand in hand with the territory of Cilento and understanding in the medium and long-term which infrastructure projects to potentially put into place.

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