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APRILE 2023 PAG. 51 - Drinking Water Produced from Sea Water


Safe and accessible high quality drinking water is essential for the health and well-being of the community at large.The global water emergency and access to drinking water are our current geopolitical challenges and scientific research can contribute to mitigate the problem by using the sea.97% of water on Earth is salty and in large quantities in the seas and in the oceans. It is therefore essential to make available adapted salt water for human consumption. As a result desalination is being development throughout the world. Desalination is the process for converting salt water into drinking water and represents a scientific and technological solution to producing drinking water for humans.  

An Innovative start-up in Europe has taken into account the potential of this market for the economy, sustainable development, and society. Desalination technology patented by Hydro Volta a Belgian company that supplies sustainable systems for producing drinking water from seawater. The technology combines electro dialysis, ultrasound and technology with membranes, osmosis and low pressure. The Hydro Volta technology is adapted for producing drinking water and for reusing industrial water. The need for water in production, agriculture and energy has made recycling industrial water a method of reducing the use of drinking water and reducing the impact of industry on the environment.

Currently the principal users of desalinated water are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.  United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. The United States, especially in California and Florida is also a user, as is Israel.

In Italy, Stelamar produces purified seawater for the food industry in perfect respect of the environment and makes substantial savings of drinking water which is one of the objectives of the agenda 2013 of the United Nations.

“Bread and pasta are made with seawater” in Puglia in partnership between taste and needs in order to preserve ever more precious assets. Processes used include decanting, filtration, purification and sterilisation using ultraviolet rays in order to eliminate dangerous microorganisms and maintain mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium fluoride and iodine.

Stelamar certificates seawater for use in food production that results from  extremely advanced technology and constant research’ Ultra-modern plant and cooperation with the National Counsel for Research and the Institute for Coastal Marine has enabled Stelamar to produce extremely safe products with a high degree of control to ensure that the content including chlorine and sodium can be used in the kitchen.

Foods using sea water appear to be an excellent natural alternative to salt. The use of sea water in the kitchen would appear to bring out the best from minerals after years of scientific research and experiments.. The proof already exists in numerous articles in scientific and academic publications. These raw products are antiseptic and can therefore be used to wash and disinfect food before use.. The scientific research and innovation in the use of sea water could also become a resource for underdeveloped countries.

Domenico Letizia

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