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APRILE 2023 PAG. 31 - Ability and Professionalism are the Goals of Luxury


Apart from the big numbers of economies of scale based on standard processes there is a tailor made logistic where quality is greater than the quantity. This is the luxury market characterised by ability, professionalism and attention to detail. This is where OLG One Logistic Group led by Riccardo Fuochi has made for itself a top level role in important markets such as the Far East, USA and Europe by offering the maximum specialisation. 

OLG comes from past experience in fashion dealing with the principal international brands and can satisfy the demand of high level added value services for precious objects which we regard not just as goods to be transported and stored. Over the years we have developed an advanced know how to follow all the work of museums, galleries, collectors, artists, auction houses using made to measure packing and customs procedures and condition reports. These are just a few of the aspects which at the heart of this undertaking which requires approach, solutions, experience varying from one case to another. There is the luxury centre ibn Chiasso. 5000 sq mt of which 1500 dedicated to a caveau and wine cellar for valuable wines with further room for a restoration laboratory and an exhibition platform using advanced technology such as temperature control and security. 

Mr. Fuocchi confirmed “the prerequisite of this kind of service is the accurate training of personnel. We have a team specifically dedicated to the different phases  such as custody or the transport of valuable objects. especially in the world of art there are special protocols from the use of packing which guarantees climatic condition , the clime-box to anti-shock fittings to avoid damage to the expert filling up of the condition report  before departure and the check on arrival”.

Operating offices in Italy, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as logistic transport are paying particular attention to new markets with a creative division dedicated to visual merchandising, interior design, store openings and exhibition events. 

The aspects connected to logistics for major brand stores in prestigious cities internationally is particularly interesting and should become another specialisation in our range of experience”.

Riccardo Fuochi saw right away the importance of seeing and building up these niche sectors.

“A reality such as ours of medium size in competition with big players is unlikely. The tendency to get biggr and bigger seems destined to last and for that very reason where standard prceedures are not enough then attention, care, ability needed by special kinds of freight  opens up important spaces in which we can go in”.

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