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APRILE 2023 PAG.73 - From One Horse to 150 million Euros – the 40 years of Cab Log


Noale is a small town in Veneto. In 1947 with the war ended Bruno Bartolato needs to overcome the war catastrophe and begins to transport building material with a horse and cart for local brick ovens.

A lifetime has passed and a new generation of 4 sons has arrived all with transport in their blood since thwy were small small. In 1983 father and sons set up a company called Consorzio CAB.

The CAB group started with 5 trucks driven by father and the four sons in Northern Italy working between the ports of Trieste and Marghera and delivering as far as Milan with important customers such as Fornace Cavasin, Italsider, Montedison and thereafter the first customers in beverages such as San Benedetto di Scorzè. At the beginning of the 90’s they expanded into storage and handling with a first ware house of 4000 sq metres which filled up even before the doors were fitted. Realising the importance of giving increased service to beat the competition they invested in logistic stores for raw material and finished product and then distribution and packing and then proceeding to goods for large-scale distribution and thereafter packing and advanced co-packing.

In the years from 2000 CAB LOG logistics become integrated in the chain of transport, stocking, distribution, assembly and production to guarantee a client service called 3PL.

Managing director Renzo Bortolato says “today the company has evolved with a valid managerial structure. The business aims to find the best tailor made solution for each client in the specific sector which we consider strategic. We work with clients in food and beverage and extend to sectors with similarities in dry goods and then pet food and alcoholic drinks. These are the two sectors which will give us the biggest future challenges in our ambition to become market leader. They are sectors requiring high levels of professionalism and punctuality. Distribution is special because the final customers are for example veterinary surgeons or and specialised shops. In addition specific skills are necessary for managing taxes on alcohol and deliveries including small quantities into town centres. We have received important recognition of these factors from companies such as AB Inbev the world leader in beer production and distribution voting us third best European logistics operator. Not to be forgotten is our automotive position where CAB LOG supplies the Ducati production lines”.

The numbers are impressive. Turnover 150 million euros , 11%up on last year. 30 new staff were added this year arriving at 380 direct employees plus 1000 indirect in the stores where we operate. The success proof is demonstrated in CAB LOG’s customers including AB Inbev, Nestlé, Pepsico, Ducati and many othrs.300000 square meters of stores are managed in 20 locations in Italy either directly in CAB LOGs own stores or in customer stores. Fleet consists of 180 trucks and 700 trailers. Growth continues with new openings in the Verona area focused on wine and at Vidigulfo near Pavia.

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