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APRILE 2023 PAG. 25 - Cepim - New Infrastructure to double trains handled


Ce.P.I.M.Spa- Interporto Parma with its favourable geographical position, operating capacity and being fully equipped is a logistics intermodal reality of much interest in Europe. A position which will further increase when the current expansion is completed enabling the Interport to participate fully in the continental modal shift Porto&interporto spoke to managing director Fabio Ruffini.

Tell us about the business?

Ce.P.I.M.Spa Interporto di Parma is an intermodal logistic reality. One of the 10 most important in Europe and holds a strategic position in Northern Italy. Situated close to the ports of Ravenna and La Spezia and the junction of the motorways A1and A15 gives it fast access to the nearby industrial zones for import/export at the ports. This central position gives CePIM access to approximately 1,300,000 trucks and approximately 3,000 trains every year. The primary objective of CePim is to facilitate the intermodal exchange of freight by road and rail, develop intermodal and integrate logistic services and develop projects.

Are investments planned?

Our objective is to increase our inter-port infrastructure to become more competitive and to create the best conditions to satisfy the market and the markets we do not yet reach. The number of trains will increase substantially with the new electrified rail link from Castelguelfo to Interport in substitution of the current diesel train and will make us much more competitive by improving time and cost plus greater respect for the environment. The new terminal which will open at end of 2023 will enable us to double the number of trains handled today at the Interport. Thanks also to  increasing our base business to guarantee efficient working of the system and the activation of three new platforms of 900 mt each capable of accommodating European standard trains 750 mt long. In addition access to the Interport area will be improved by reprogramming road access to the Parma ring-road. 

This important step forward in aligning with Europe will require the national infrastructure to be at the same level as Europe. 

Why are our train lengths only about 550 metres? We are in line with the Shift Modal project which aims to move 30% of freight traffic from road to rail by 2030. Use of the rail modal is one of the strategic objectives of European policy.

How important is professional training for Cepim?

Remember that it is only a few years since logistics was taught in upper schools. Lack of specialised technicians has always been a feature of work in logistics. Cepim for this reason has always given support through teaching in class and visits to our structures. In addition ERIC, the Emilia Romagna inter modal cluster of which Cepim is a member organises courses for specialisation in logistics.

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